Discover the epitome of vintage style with our curated collection of the best rockabilly dance shoes. Elevate your retro flair and improve your vintage-inspired ensemble with footwear that seamlessly blends fashion and functionality. Our selection boasts high-quality materials and authentic designs to ensure the perfect fusion of comfort and style on the dance floor.
Whether you’re swinging to the rhythm or jiving with passion, these rockabilly shoes provide the ideal support for your moves. From classic wingtips to sleek Mary Janes, each pair exudes the charm of a bygone era. Crafted with precision, these shoes not only enhance your dance performance but also add an authentic touch to your overall vintage look.
Step into the world of timeless fashion and dance with confidence in our meticulously chosen rockabilly shoes. Elevate your style, own the dance floor, and embrace the essence of a bygone era with these exceptional footwear choices.


NB se la scarpa è presente nel nostro magazzino i tempi di consegna sono di circa 3 giorni e se la scarpa non è presente nel nostro magazzino i tempi di realizzazione, spedizione e consegna saranno di circa 28 giorni  lavorativi dal tuo ordine di acquisto.


Taglia Lunghezza Piede Larghezza Piede
35 23cm 8cm
36 23,5cm 8cm
37 24cm 8cm
38 25cm 8cm
39 26cm 8cm
40 26,5cm 8,5cm
41 27cm 9cm
42 27,5cm 9,5cm
43 28cm 10,2cm
44 28,5cm 10,2cm
45 29cm 10,5cm
46 29,5cm 10,5cm
47 30cm 11cm
48 30,5cm 11cm
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